Wednesday, January 24, 2018


1. The Chairman may forward any resolution or order of the board, or any Committee constituted under this Ordinance to the Government with his/her recommendations thereon for such order as the Government may deem fit and, pending the receipt of the order of the Government on such resolution or order, the Chairman may withhold the execution of any such resolution or order.

2. The Chairman is the chief academic and administrative officer of the board and does all acts to ensure that the officer and staff of the board properly perform the duties entrusted to them in particular he/she;

(i)writes confidential reports on conduct, character and efficiency of the officers of the board;

(ii)recommends to the board any disciplinary action that he/she considers necessary against the officers of the board; and

(iii) takes such disciplinary action as he/she considers necessary against other employees of the board subject to the right of appeal to the board.

3. The Chairman countersigns traveling allowance bills of the officers of the board (including his/her own) and members of the Committees constituted under this Ordinance.

4. For the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this Ordinance, the Chairman has the power to inspect, or to cause an inspection to be made by an officer of the board or such person or persons as he/she may consider suitable, into the affairs of any institutions under the jurisdiction of the board and to cause an inquiry to be made in like manner, in respect of any matter concerning the board or any institution recognized by, or seeking recognition of the board.

5. The Chairman appoints question-paper-setters, Moderators, Translators, Head Examiners, Assistant Head Examiners, Scrutinizers and Tabulators in connection with the examinations of the board after considering the recommendations of the Examination Committee.

6. The Chairman may delegate in writing to the officers of the board such of his/her powers as he/she considers necessary provided it is not inconsistent with the provisions of the Ordinance or the regulations made there under and may also withdraw in writing any, or all, of such delegations without assigning any reasons.